10 Things We Learned From The “Avengers: The Age Of Ultron” Trailer

So Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer was officially released a few hours ago and it looks like it’s going to be even more action packed than the first. Oh my god I can’t express how excited I am. I’ve embedded the trailer at the bottom so if you haven’t seen it yet, you can check it out.

I’ve highlighted 6 things that we now know about the movie, just as something for you to ponder.

1) Ultron’s army are badass as hell

They seem to be designed to look like Tony Stark’s Iron Man costume. We see them crawl out of the sea and one of them (possibly Ultron himself) crushes one of Iron Man’s drone’s head in one hand. I mean, Thor’s hammer couldn’t even smash Iron Man’s head and if that’s the kinda damage his little helpers can do, then one can only imagine the havoc that Ultron himself could cause.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 18.45.23

 2) Bruce Banner goes off the rails

We see Mark Ruffalo shaking on an aircraft, running alone through a forest and battling Iron Man (more on that later). There have been talks of a new Hulk film being in the air at Marvel Studios (Planet Hulk maybe?) so perhaps this is a way of giving the Hulk a jumping off point for a spin off.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 20.17.11

3) Tony Stark Brings Out the HULKBUSTER OUTFIT

One of the coolest things Iron Man does in the comics is create lots of different suits for different purposes, for going into space, for going underwater and best of all, for fighting the Hulk. It’s so awesome that they’re bringing this miniature story-arc into the bigger story-arc (arc-ception?) and we’ll finally see the Hulk do battle with someone as strong as him.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 18.44.41

 4) James Spader is The PERFECT Choice for Ultron

The voice that echoes throughout the trailer is one of the eeriest, threatening and dread inspiring voices I’ve ever heard. Joss Whedon was quoted as saying Spader was the “first and only choice” to voice Ultron because of a “hypnotic voice that can be eerily calm and compelling” and by the sounds of things, he was dead right!

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 18.46.58

5)  SOMEONE Is Going To Be Killed Off 

Soon after Age of Ultron was announced, Joss Whedon said that there will be a death in this installment of the franchise. The question is… who? There are hints littered throughout the trailer, though most noticeably at the end we see Thor’s arm looking rather limp beside Captain America’s shield. Would Marvel really kill 2 of their most successful franchises though? With RDJ yo-yoing between confirming and denying Iron Man 4, maybe it’s been decided that Tony Stark will make his final bow in Age of Ultron, being destroyed by his own creation. How poetic.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 18.44.22

6) It’s Going To Be a LONG Movie

There seems to be a lot of action to fit in and a lot of different storylines that need to play out. There’s the whole Ultron saga, then Hulk having a battle with himself (and the other Avengers), the Maximoff twins (Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver) need to be introduced and there looks like there’s some Hydra weapons thrown in there for good measure. So it must be a long film.

7) Tony Stark F**** Up. Royally.

“This is the end. The end of the path I started us on”. We already know that Ultron himself is a bit of Stark tech that went completely wrong, became self aware and developed a God complex. But seeing Tony Stark talk himself down is something we haven’t really seen yet. Throw Thor pinning him up to the wall by his throat into the mix and you’ve got yourself a real f*** up.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 19.54.14

8) Tom Hiddleston Definitely Won’t Be Making An Appearance

For the first time in this franchise, I think we’re going to be presented with a villain more disastrous and dangerous as Loki. To be honest I’m glad that he won’t be making an appearance. It would be a shame to almost embarrass him by putting him next to a villain as evil as Ultron. He would definitely pale in comparison and it would almost ruin the cunning trickster by making him seem trivial and lame compared to Ultron.

9) Hawkeye Has A Lot More Screentime

Hawkeye was a massively wasted character in Avengers: Assemble, his main contribution to the film being one of Loki’s mindless goons. This one however, appears to show him single handedly fighting an army of what appears to be Hydra soldiers. Whedon did promise that Agent Barton would get some more screen time as there is also consideration for him to have his own spin-off franchise. Not the most deserving character, but anything Marvel touches seems to be golden these days so maybe it’d be a good choice.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 19.55.08

10) It WILL Be One of The Biggest Movies of All Time

When I wrote this article, the trailer was only around 12 hours old and it already had 7,000,000 views on youtube, plus views on other hosting sites. With Avengers: Assemble taking in over $1.5 billion at the box office, with the now even larger fanbase following Iron Man 3, Captain America 2, Thor 2 and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spinoff series, there is no reason for this to not challenge Titanic or Avatar for highest box office gross. Even if it doesn’t top them with box office takings, you can be guaranteed that it’s going to beat them for quality. Awards wise, although movies like this don’t tend to be “Best Picture” winners at the Oscars, they do pick up a lot of special effects and cinematography kind of awards. To be fair, within 15 hours of the release of its trailer, it’s managed to pick up an award nomination.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 20.06.31

I am so damn excited for this movie so whenever anything new crops up, be sure that I’ll have an update!



Deadpool (2016) Linked to X-Men Universe?

So back in September, the “Deadpool” movie was announced and this news got me (along with millions of other fans) pretty damn excited, we’re finally going to see the Merc’ With a Mouth on the big screen. (There was some test footage released which did look pretty cool, I’ll post the link at the bottom of this article for you to check it out)


If any of you have been reading my series on “Movies They Have to Make (or Remake)”, you’ll know that my very first article in that series was me channeling my own opinion on what the Deadpool movie should be about if it ever came around. Now that it has, we’re waiting on FOX to confirm a story arc.

I mean, hopefully (as I said in my previous article) they move away from the monstrosity they created in X-Men Origins (let’s all forget about that, please) and build Deadpool’s character from the ground up. It’s such a waste to have him being churned out by Major Stryker as a weapon and just throw away his complicated, deep, twisted past.

The most recent update on the movie, though, is that it appears that FOX is going to be using the Marvel template and begin an X-Men expanded universe, with producer/writer of “X-Men: Days of Future Past” Simon Kinberg stating:

 “There’s definitely a sort of overall plan that we’ve all been talking about for the X-Men universe now and Deadpool obviously fits into that.”

 So hopefully they’re eventually going to turn towards a Wolverine led, X-Force style movie. All FOX needs to do is mimic Marvels business plan exactly and introduce all of the members individually. There have been loads of members in the past so they have a huge range of characters to choose from.


Personally, I’m very excited for even the possibility of an X-Force movie, but there is a lot of competition in the coming years for superhero movies, especially with RDJ confirming Iron Man 4 and the whole DC/Justice League plan. For lesser-known superhero teams like X-Force, there may be no room or just too much competition for them to thrive. Then again, one could have said that about Guardians of The Galaxy, and that’s made upwards of $660,000,000 worldwide.

Let’s hope that Kinberg himself gets involved with this one. Days of Future past was a massive success and was an amazing movie, so hopefully he’ll steer this in the right direction.

Test Footage (as promised):


Superhero Movies They Just Have To Make (Or Re-make): Iron Fist

This might be a little bit of an unexpected choice, but I love Iron Fist. He was in the first comic book I ever read, where he and Spiderman teamed up to battle Doc Ock. Ever since then I accredit my love for the Marvel Universe to Spidey and Iron Fist and seeing as Spidey has already got himself one of the more successful movie franchises, why not Iron Fist?


Wendell Rand became a rich entrepreneur after discovering the land of K’un-L’un where he befriended the Lord of the realm and was adopted as his son. HE soon left K’un L’un to return to New York. Upon Wendell’s return to N.Y.C., he met his wife and the mother of his son, Heather. When his son (Daniel) was 9, Wendell arranged an expedition to K’un L’un, taking along Heather, Daniel and business partner Harold Meachum. Meachum allowed Wendell to fall to his death whilst the family were scaling a mountain in K’un L’un, this led to Heather and Daniel running away. Upon Heather’s death, Daniel Rand was taken to the master of the K’un L’un, Yu-Ti, where he begins to train in marshal arts and learns the secret of the Iron Fist. He returns to Earth to seek vengeance upon Meachum for all the pain caused during that expedition. How is that not already a good movie?!

images (1)

Although Iron Fist is not a famous or glamorous superhero (if you google him, a clothing brand comes before his wiki page), he does deserve a film for himself, with enemies like the Steel Serpent available to make an appearance, why the hell not? Even if it isn’t marketed as a superhero movie, it would make a sweet kung fu movie.


Who should play him? I feel an outside bet like Garrett Hedlund (Troy, Four Brothers) could easily sneak in there and put in a good performance for such an understated superhero. A young fella like him could also put his time and body into the role, and bulk up enough to pull it off. Also for superhero roles, I generally feel that someone with experience in action films should be a must.

Batman Vs Superman: Batman’s Suit Revealed

Today Zack Snyder (Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman) has released the first ever, publicly available pictures of Ben Affleck in the new caped crusader get up and I have to say, it’s an interesting look.


In the picture, he is stood next to the new look Batmobile (the rear end of the infamous vehicle was revealed in a tweet yesterday).  The Batmobile itself does look like a slight throwback to Nolan’s ‘tumbler’ but it’s has a much more sleek, racecar look to it rather than looking like a tank. The Tumbler was one of the only things I personally did not like about The Dark Knight trilogy as I felt it didn’t have a traditional Batmobile look, but I suppose the originality should be lauded (also the way the Batbike came out of it was badass).


The suit looks like it’s made out of Kevlar (or some other fabric) rather than the more solid “armour type” look Nolan went for in The Dark Knight Trilogy, which enables Affleck to show off the muscles he’s been building for 2 hours a day since he was informed of his selection to appear as Bruce Wayne. Another 1 up it has over the Dark Knight costume is the shortening of the “ears” on the cowl, by the Dark Knight Rises, those things were HUGE! I can’t make out a utility belt, but surely there will be one on there.


The only criticism I have right now of the suit is the bat emblem on the chest area. It is too broad and chunky and I feel that it has been designed this way solely because of how the promo posters look (though I could be wrong and it might be the other way round)Image

As a big supporter of Henry Cavill’s Superman and Snyder’s choice to cast both Affleck and Jesse Eisenberg (as Lex Luthor) All I can say so far of Batman vs Superman is that it is shaping up nicely.


 What do you think of the new-look Batman? Do you prefer Nolans?

Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier


So due to my busy schedule of juggling revision and lectures I finally got around to watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier last night. I’ve been waiting to watch this movie all year and last night it just got to the point where I couldn’t wait any longer.

First things first, Cap has got much more badass since his first outing and as far as I’m concerned, this is for the better. It is a sigh of relief, as in the original Captain America film (and even a little bit in Avengers Assemble) I was starting to worry that he could be a bit of a drag and a wet cloth. I can safely say that The Winter Soldier has redeemed the Captain in my eyes.


I can’t ignore the efforts of Samuel L Jackson and Scarlett Johansson, they have been consistently excellent at playing super spies Nick Fury and Black Widow throughout the whole franchise, and this is no exception. Black Widow was given a lot of action and even a few witty quips which make her character just that little bit more likeable and Nick Fury was given the responsibility of carrying an intense, suspense filled part in the storyline, very early on in the movie (I won’t spoil it for you).

Because of Cap’s new attitude, Black Widow’s flare and the introduction of the super assassin The Winter Soldier, It’s phenomenally action packed from beginning to end, with two or three high adrenaline car chases and more hand to hand combat than you could even wish for.


In the Winter Soldier we are given a more dark insight into the goings on behind S.H.I.E.L.D., which does make for a stunning storyline. The S.H.I.E.L.D. team has suddenly become much more intense and virulent since the incidents in New York (The Avengers). They have put together a project called “Project: Insight” which will eliminate threats before they even occur (because that can’t go horribly wrong!) and because of this we see the whole world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe turn on it’s head.

Moving on to the new additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Falcon (as played by Anthony Mackie) is introduced and adds some wit and dry humour to an otherwise relatively serious film, which really helps to assimilate his character into the series with ease and I can see him quickly becoming a fan favourite. I have to commend Anthony Mackie’s performance as he managed to pull it off with aplomb without appearing cocky or unlikeable. The Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) is also a complete badass, every time he appears; the audience is on the edge of their seat. This is in part to the way in which Stan managed to carry such intensity, which isn’t an easy task for an actor at all, especially when he has less than 10 lines throughout the whole movie. Let’s hope we see some more of him around the M.C.U.! And finally we are introduced to Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker in the mid-credits scene, who is to play a huge part in Avengers: Age of Ultron.


All of this and I still haven’t mentioned the directing and cinematography, which are both also excellent. Directed by the Russo brothers (who have apparently signed on to the sequel), they captivated the true spirit of a superhero movie, drama, humour and action all rolled up into one brilliant blockbuster hit. The cinematography was mindblowing, the sets were incredible and the CGI was untouchable.

I can’t deny I adored this movie, and if Marvel can keep up this kind of quality in their movies (which they have been doing), I don’t see anyone knocking them off of their perch as the current kings of cinema.


What did you think of The Winter Soldier?

Superhero Movies They Just Have to Make (or Re-make): Aquaman


Aquaman is often seen as a laughing stock of Superheroes and this really kind of pisses me off. Hopefully in the next few paragraphs I can convince you that Aquaman is one of the best superheroes there is.

Let’s start with how he became Aquaman. His real name is Arthur Curry. When his mother (an atlantean) died, he was very young and so his father (an ocean explorer) took him on an excavation. On this excavation, Arthur’s father discovered the lost city of Atlantis. Once he got there, he sealed himself in one of the palaces and began to study and train the half Atlantean Arthur how to breathe underwater, how to communicate with fish etc. He honed all of his submarine skills to become Aquaman. That’s a movie in itself. Then with arch-nemeses such as the Black Manta and Ocean Master, there is enough material from story arcs to possibly even make a series.

Black Manta - Comic Wallpaper 01

His powers are awesome, he can breathe underwater indefinitely, withstand incredible amounts of pressure, command an army of Atlanteans, has telepathic powers, can control water to some degree and of course can talk to fish. Not to mention his superhuman strength and superfast swimming.

I just think that Aquaman is so underrated and if scripted correctly with the right director (no ‘Michael Bays’ please), this could turn into a superhero movie heavyweight. It has been hinted that Aquaman will make an appearance in 2015’s Batman Vs Superman, though many rumours have been quashed as far as that is concerned (at one point Game of Thrones’Jason Momoa was linked with the role), although with the Justice League movie (2018) coming up and if D.C. take the same route as Marvel did with The Avengers I don’t see why this movie isn’t a possibility.


Who should play him? With huge, strong people like Jason Momoa linked with the role, this was a tough one. I quite like the idea of moving away from heavy bulky superheroes and edging towards someone more like Michael Fassbender. His seriousness and stern face, combined with his obviously excellent acting talent would make Aquaman a hit.


What do you think? Should Aquaman be made into a movie or do you think it would flop?


Can D.C.’s Justice League Match Marvel’s Avengers Juggernaut?

So Warner Brothers and D.C. have announced a Justice League movie, which will be directed by Zack Snyder (Man of Steel, 300) to be released in 2017. This is also around the estimated release date for the third film of The Avengers franchise (est. 2018 release). With the way film releases are delayed these days there is a possibility of a direct head to head, blockbusting collision between the two films. The question is, do Marvel really have anything to worry about?


Remember, this is a whole three years away and D.C. still has a few film powerhouses in their docks. Kicking off with the highly anticipated Batman Vs. Superman in the summer of 2016, where Ben Affleck is taking the helm as the caped crusader to make his debut appearance as a major comic book hero (let’s just forget about Daredevil). By the sounds of things The Dark Knight is going to have a showdown with Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel, which is enough to make any sort of movie or comic book fan’s mouth water.


They have already casted their Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot will become the Amazonian princess, though there hasn’t been much else revealed about the story or release date. It was initially aiming for a 2013 release, but due to problems with casting and scriptwriting, it has been delayed. Warner Bros have also decided to create a Flash film that will be released the year before The Justice League. There have also been talks of an Aquaman film being in the works, but there’s no solid evidence that that’s happening, so don’t get too excited.

I feel that D.C. have got a game plan and everything sounds good, but they don’t have one thing… D.C.’s characters all lack child-friendliness and charisma. Marvel’s Avengers Initiative (excuse the pun) first came into action when Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man (2008) was a resounding success, then Loki (Tom Hiddleston) exploded onto the scene in Thor (2011) and both developed massive followings, of course from there it’s all (as they say) history. Children and adults alike were going to watch Marvel films in bulk solely because of those two guys. Then Scarlett Johansson came along which obviously interested men and Chris Hemsworth bulked up for the ladies and all in all, everyone on the Avengers team was well liked long before they appeared as the superhero ensemble we all know and love.


All this makes you think, which loveable, child friendly characters have D.C. produced recently? The Green Lantern (A laughing stock), The Dark Knight series (Great movies, but no characters you fell in love with) and Man of Steel (Superman is always a bit drab though). Without characters that can resonate with younger audiences and that can attract the older audiences and also pull in a few laughs, D.C. will struggle to get off the ground.

Unless in these next few planned movies, D.C. can move away from it’s darker roots and develop their characters in a more child friendly way, I feel like The Justice League will fail and it’s looking like Marvel’s Avengers will remain kings of the comic book world.


Superhero Movies they Just Have To Make (or Re-make): Deadpool


I initially thought that people would be dying to see a Deadpool film, but really the general opinion on the websites I use (tickld etc.) is very split. Obviously people love the character, he’s a smartass, he has badass fighting skills, he’s funny, he’s cool, his costume is awesome, but people think that it will be difficult to do a Deadpool style film, what with his breaking of the fourth wall and wry humour. It’d also have to be R-Rated (or 15/18 in England) because of the necessary extremely violent attitude which so often is seen as a key characteristic of Wade Wilson himself which would cut out a lot of the possible huge fan base. I am one who would love a Deadpool film though, and I hope I can convince you otherwise.


It’s not just his cavalier attitude that large cults of people have started to adore, but he’s also supported by some pretty fantastic story-lines. His character development from his first appearance in 1991 is staggering. They could easily do an origins style movie about him. NOT like X-Men Origins: Wolverine (bloody awful movie) but his evolution from odd child, to mad mercenary to insane assassin.

Although an origins movie would be nice, I quite like the idea of a series of films for Deadpool, starting out with his backstory and his story working for Tolliver (the man who initially gives him his contracts after he has become Deadpool), the stories following Tolliver’s Will would make a good picture, his partnership with Cable, and throw in an Uncanny X-Force film just for good measure. The possibilities are endless. Though film companies would have to be very careful, we’ve seen that too much can be poison for superhero franchises (Spiderman 3, Fantastic 4, X-Men: The Last Stand) and the last thing that comic book fans would want is their beloved Deadpool ruined on the big screen.

If not a film completely dedicated to him, he should at least make a featured appearance in one of the Marvel franchise films. I mean, he has been a featured character in some of the Avengers, X-Men and X-Force story arcs, so why not?


Who should play him? Ryan Reynolds. Yes, Origins was terrible and yes they got it all wrong with Weapon X, but Reynolds as Wade Wilson absolutely took the crown for best performance in what was otherwise a rather drab film. He can carry the arrogance, the smart mouth attitude and the physique to make The Merc With a Mouth a comic movie legend.


Do you think Deadpool should be made into a movie? If not why not? Put your comments in the section below