A Horror Movie A Day: Day 8 – “Friday 13th: Part II” (1981)

I’ve stopped relying on my WordPress’ scheduled posts now; I’m about 7 days worth of reviews behind. I don’t want to clog anyone’s newsfeeds or anything, so I’m just going to publish the ones that I’ve already written daily and that should take us all the way up to Halloween.

If you have read my other articles you would know that Friday 13th as a series is something that I’m really into and have been since I was about 13. I don’t include the 2009 remake because honestly it was just an absolute mess and it took itself way, way too seriously.


So Friday 13th Part 2 is (obviously) the second installment of the Friday 13th franchise and the first one that features the infamous slasher Jason Voorhees as the antagonist. A group of teenagers head up to the infamous Camp Crystal Lake to be camp counselors for the recently re-opened camp, following the tragedies that occurred in the first installment. Jason picks the counselors off one by one in creative and inventive ways.

One noticeable thing about this movie is that although it’s the first time we see Jason, we don’t see him in the hockey mask he’s famous for. Instead a burlap sack covers his disfigured mug. Funnily enough, he only has one eyehole. He picks up his hockey mask in Part III (my favourite of the series).


Okay so now onto the movie. I was saying before how the biggest problem with the remake is that it takes itself too seriously. The absolute best thing about the original series is that there’s no storyline necessary, just the basic “teenagers go into the woods and get murdered” formula. No messing. It’s easy watching and simple to follow.

So the whole film is Jason killing these guys in some pretty creative ways and to be fair it reaches the point where it’s kind of humorous. It’s a ridiculously far-fetched movie and it’s essentially a horror movie staple. There is one kill in particular that me and my friends always replayed several times, as it’s so inappropriate and hilarious (I’m sure you will be able to guess which one).


Being a B-Movie, there’s no need to expect any big names, good effects or good acting, it’s just slash-and-grab, gritty, gory fun. The budget was just over $1 million, and comparing that to more recent horror hits, it pales in comparison. So all expectations are lifted, it doesn’t need to be technically good or Oscar winning, it just needs to be entertaining. You’ll understand what I mean when I say poor effects. The blood is bright red and looks like acrylic paint, whenever anyone gets stabbed their skin looks like paper and all of the weapons look like rubber, joke shop weapons.

It’s a fun, easy watch. Not really that good a film, but for a Halloween horror movie marathon, it’s a must. It’s really short as well,


RATING: 7/10


Slasher: B-movie, gory, entertaining and ridiculous.


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