A Horror Movie A Day – Day 4: Evil Dead 2 (1987)

For some reason my scheduled uploads are just going haywire and I’m not noticing. Sorry about the delay in so many of these posts, technical errors are the bane of everyone’s life. I mean I wrote this about 3/4 days ago but i’ve had to go back and repost it manually.

I ended up with Evil Dead 2 (1987) tonight and well, what could I say? The Evil Dead series as a whole is amazing, and Evil Dead 2 is probably the best of the lot. In this installment we see our chainsaw wielding hero Ash Williams (B-Movie megastar Bruce Campbell) kicking ass and busting some of the sweetest one-liners of movie history. Basically a guy goes to a secret cabin in the woods with his girlfriend and they listen to a recording of a recital of the Necronomicon (the book of the dead), which causes an evil spirit to awaken in the forest. The spirit possesses people and leads to the creation of strange demons called “deadites”, which Ash promptly slices up with his chainsaw.


It’s one of the funniest films I have ever seen, it’s just humorous in such a strange way, and the almost intentional over-acting from all involved just makes it so much funnier.

Sam Raimi directs and honestly I would say it’s the best film he’s ever made. It’s witty, creepy and just so obscenely cheaply made it looks intentional, which is a very difficult thing for a director to do whilst he’s on a budget. Then again I’m not really a fan of anything that he’s done apart from this series (I suppose Spider-Man 1 wasn’t too awful, but Tobey Macguire is just awful).

191xq2phccut0jpg The effects are all entirely practical, with some stop motion animation as well as actors dressed in “deadite” costumes. Bruce Campbell said that the contact lenses he had to wear to create a fog over his eyes were as thick as glasses lenses, so they had to stop filming every 5 minutes to allow his eyes to “rehydrate. This is how true horror films should be produced, I’m very anti-CGI when it comes to horror movies, as a lot of the time the monster/ghost looks superimposed and it feels like there’s no peril. This is the best thing about this film; people worry too much about something looking too realistic and forget that people watch films for entertainment. Raimi knew he had a relatively low budget and so he worked with what he had, didn’t take himself too seriously and as a product, he created a masterpiece.

There were crazy amounts of gore, but what do you expect when the most famous thing about the series is that Ash cuts his hand off and replaces it with a chainsaw. Outlandish? Yes, too far? No, never.

The script is a work of genius with one-liners in abundance and the most perfect display of how crazy this film is in the “laughing” scene (you’ll know what I mean when you get to it).


If you’re just looking for a fun, dark film to watch, you can’t go wrong with any of the Evil Dead series, even the remake (which you won’t hear me say often). Just remember to not take it too seriously. You can see why it has a cult following though; I understand why some people wouldn’t like it. But as I say, if you don’t take it too seriously, it’s beautifully crafted and just a barrel of laughs. Groovy.



RATING: 10/10


Slasher/Gore: Extremely gory, extremely funny.


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