Deadpool (2016) Linked to X-Men Universe?

So back in September, the “Deadpool” movie was announced and this news got me (along with millions of other fans) pretty damn excited, we’re finally going to see the Merc’ With a Mouth on the big screen. (There was some test footage released which did look pretty cool, I’ll post the link at the bottom of this article for you to check it out)


If any of you have been reading my series on “Movies They Have to Make (or Remake)”, you’ll know that my very first article in that series was me channeling my own opinion on what the Deadpool movie should be about if it ever came around. Now that it has, we’re waiting on FOX to confirm a story arc.

I mean, hopefully (as I said in my previous article) they move away from the monstrosity they created in X-Men Origins (let’s all forget about that, please) and build Deadpool’s character from the ground up. It’s such a waste to have him being churned out by Major Stryker as a weapon and just throw away his complicated, deep, twisted past.

The most recent update on the movie, though, is that it appears that FOX is going to be using the Marvel template and begin an X-Men expanded universe, with producer/writer of “X-Men: Days of Future Past” Simon Kinberg stating:

 “There’s definitely a sort of overall plan that we’ve all been talking about for the X-Men universe now and Deadpool obviously fits into that.”

 So hopefully they’re eventually going to turn towards a Wolverine led, X-Force style movie. All FOX needs to do is mimic Marvels business plan exactly and introduce all of the members individually. There have been loads of members in the past so they have a huge range of characters to choose from.


Personally, I’m very excited for even the possibility of an X-Force movie, but there is a lot of competition in the coming years for superhero movies, especially with RDJ confirming Iron Man 4 and the whole DC/Justice League plan. For lesser-known superhero teams like X-Force, there may be no room or just too much competition for them to thrive. Then again, one could have said that about Guardians of The Galaxy, and that’s made upwards of $660,000,000 worldwide.

Let’s hope that Kinberg himself gets involved with this one. Days of Future past was a massive success and was an amazing movie, so hopefully he’ll steer this in the right direction.

Test Footage (as promised):



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