A Horror Movie A Day – Day 1: “Scream (1996)”


Happy October! The month of Halloween and all things scary, I’ve set myself a challenge of watching a random Horror movie and writing a review of it every day this month. To choose the movies, I’m either going to take on suggestions from people or use the website www.suggestmemovie.com which does exactly what it says, it suggests movies to watch.

I’m basically doing this so if anyone is struggling for ideas of scary movies to watch around Halloween time, you can just come right here and there should be around 21/22 movies that you can choose from. I’ll be rating them out of 10 and placing them in various categories so you don’t need to read the whole review before you realize that you don’t want to watch a movie about a scientist who creates a human/animal hybrid, then has sex with it (yes that’s a real movie).

“Suggestmemovie” determined that my movie for the day is “Scream (1996)”. Okay, I can deal with that. It’s one I’ve watched hundreds of times before but what the hell, it’s an easy watch so let’s get on with it.

Sidney_and_Ghost_Face (1)

To be honest, I didn’t need to watch it again, I could write a review of it from memory alone but any excuse to enjoy Scream again is good enough for me. I absolutely love it.

When I was younger I had a friend who lived up the road from me; Johno (short for Jonathan). He, my brother and myself began to nurture our love for slasher flicks through a DVD box set of the Friday 13th series (which to this day is one of my favourite movie series) which we would often marathon on weekends. This led to us watching every slasher under the sun (including Scream) so really this was never going to be a bad review.

Scream is a particularly interesting one because it draws from the gory, unclean nature of the 80’s slashers and gives it a more modern twist, adding the use of phone calls to taunt his victims before he kills them which all rolls up to create the twisted, almost perverse nature of the Ghostface killer. There are loads of references to the classics in this movie, in fact one of the first lines in the movie is “Name the killer in Friday 13th” which should naturally cause the viewer to holler “Jason!” but they would be wrong, as we find out.


One of the stark differences between Scream and other movies of this sub-genre is that the acting isn’t actually that bad. They had a relatively all star cast, featuring Courtney Cox (Friends), Jamie Kennedy (Romeo + Juliet), Liev Schreiber (Defiance), Henry “The Fonz” Winkler (Happy Days) and many, many others. With a cast like this being led by slasher king Wes Craven (Creator of “The Hills Have Eyes” and “A Nightmare on Elm Street” franchises), you’re never going to have a bad time.

Undeniably it is a horror comedy, there are some pretty funny moments, like Neve Campbell absolutely lamping Courtney Cox in the mouth (it may not actually be that funny, but I just don’t like Courtney Cox). It doesn’t really break the fourth wall, but one could argue that it takes place in our universe as it makes cross-film references, especially since the killer bases his kills on the horror genre in the real world, so that’s a very interesting aspect of the Scream franchise and credit where credits due; it’s a hell of a debut screenplay from Kevin Williamson.

download (2)

It’s a classic whodunit, you have no idea who the killer is and to be honest; unlike other slashers where you only care about people being killed, you REALLY want to know. It arouses your intrigue from the moment Drew Barrymore answers the phone in the second minute. Within 10 minutes of viewing, you’re not really sure when the killer is going to pop up again, which is a huge achievement and important ingredient for a successful movie in this sub genre. Anyone can play a bit of creepy music and have the boogeyman jump out of the closet; Craven eliminated this by throwing red herrings all over the place, to the point where you stop expecting things to happen and keep yourself braced for the rest of the 111 minutes.

Grab the duvets, a pillow, ANYTHING to shield yourself from the horror on the screen. Scream promises to deliver more jumps, twists and turns than Evil Kneivil in his heyday.

RATING: 9/10


Slasher – Gory, suspense filled, easy to follow. Just don’t let your guard down.


Any suggestions of horror films to review? Just let me know in the comments belowwww.




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