Top 10: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Episodes

So this week, FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was renewed up until 2015, making it the longest running series in cable history. if you don’t know what it is, I seriously suggest you check it out.  It’s a comedy about 5 intolerant, ignorant yet egotistical people trying to run a bar in Philadelphia. It stars Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, Rob McElhenny, Kaitlin Olson and Danny DeVito. To celebrate the renewal, I have put together a list of my top 10 favourite ‘It’s Always Sunny’ episodes…

Sweet Dee has a Heart Attack (S4 Ep10)

It is what it says on the tin, Sweet Dee has a heart attack, which causes a stir with the rest of the gang, leading to Charlie and Dee joining a gym and Mac and Charlie getting a mailroom job for health benefits.

Best Moment – “Dey Bow Bow”

Chardee Macdennis (S7 Ep7)

The gang is bored so they decide to play their drinking game “Chardee Macdennis” where Mac and Charlie’s team has lost 18 games in a row to Dennis and Dee (Team Golden Geese). The game has some weird rules including: Cheating is tolerated, if you ask a question you must drink, you have to get into a dog kennel until you eat the raw ingredients of a cake etc. it’s so twisted and so funny.

The Nightman Cometh (S4 Ep13)

Charlie has written a musical (“The Nightman Cometh”) in an attempt to impress the waitress, but naturally the rest of the gang mess it up, leading to Mac “raping” Dennis onstage and Frank offering to sell a “Boy’s hole” for a toll.

Best Moment – The “Toll Troll’s” song/Mac rapes Dennis

Mac’s Big Break

Mac wins a radio competition, which gives him the opportunity to hit a shot from center ice at a Flyers game with a chance to win a weekend at a beach party full of A-List celebrities.

Best Moment – Charlie’s scream after they win the competition

The High School Reunion (Parts 1&2) (S7 Ep 12&13)

In part 1, the gang goes to a high school reunion where they feel like they have a lot to prove. In part 2, the gang hatches a plan to impress their old classmates after being embarrassed in part 1.

Best Moment – The dance at the end of part 2

The Gang Dances Their Asses Off (S3 Ep 15)

When Charlie signs the Bar up as the prize for a radio contest, the gang has to enter a dance marathon where plots are devised and they all end up scheming against one another.

Best Moment – Mac and Dennis’ dance off

The Gang Gets Extreme: Home Makeover (S4 Ep12)

In an attempt to do a good deed in exchange for good karma which the gang will use to get valuable things, they decide to perfom an Extreme Home Makeover for a Mexican family. It can be seen as a hate crime.

Best moment – Dennis’ short shorts

The Storm of The Century (S7 Ep6)

Philly is about to be hit by the biggest storm in living memory, so the gang decides to head out to pick up some supplies. When at the store, Dennis decides that it’s a good idea to have a “Storm party” where he can take girls back to his bunker. The episode ends with mass looting and Dee waging a war against machines.

Best moment – Dennis tries to pick up some girls at the store

Dee Reynolds: Shaping America’s Youth (S6 Ep9)

Dee takes on the role of a drama teacher which Mac and Dennis see as an idea opportunity to have the first screening of their new film, Lethal Weapon 5. The film features Mac as Murtaugh/Riggs, Dennis as Murtaugh/Riggs and Frank as The Indian.

Best Moment – Any time Mac is in blackface (3:30 in the video)

With this list covering almost all the seasons of IASIP, it just shows how McElhenny, Howerton and Day are capable of consistently producing top quality comedy and will carry on doing so for the next 2 years.

DISCLAIMER: I counted the reunion episodes as 2 episodes, hence why there is only 9 different items on the list.


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