Superhero Movies They Just Have To Make (Or Re-make): Iron Fist

This might be a little bit of an unexpected choice, but I love Iron Fist. He was in the first comic book I ever read, where he and Spiderman teamed up to battle Doc Ock. Ever since then I accredit my love for the Marvel Universe to Spidey and Iron Fist and seeing as Spidey has already got himself one of the more successful movie franchises, why not Iron Fist?


Wendell Rand became a rich entrepreneur after discovering the land of K’un-L’un where he befriended the Lord of the realm and was adopted as his son. HE soon left K’un L’un to return to New York. Upon Wendell’s return to N.Y.C., he met his wife and the mother of his son, Heather. When his son (Daniel) was 9, Wendell arranged an expedition to K’un L’un, taking along Heather, Daniel and business partner Harold Meachum. Meachum allowed Wendell to fall to his death whilst the family were scaling a mountain in K’un L’un, this led to Heather and Daniel running away. Upon Heather’s death, Daniel Rand was taken to the master of the K’un L’un, Yu-Ti, where he begins to train in marshal arts and learns the secret of the Iron Fist. He returns to Earth to seek vengeance upon Meachum for all the pain caused during that expedition. How is that not already a good movie?!

images (1)

Although Iron Fist is not a famous or glamorous superhero (if you google him, a clothing brand comes before his wiki page), he does deserve a film for himself, with enemies like the Steel Serpent available to make an appearance, why the hell not? Even if it isn’t marketed as a superhero movie, it would make a sweet kung fu movie.


Who should play him? I feel an outside bet like Garrett Hedlund (Troy, Four Brothers) could easily sneak in there and put in a good performance for such an understated superhero. A young fella like him could also put his time and body into the role, and bulk up enough to pull it off. Also for superhero roles, I generally feel that someone with experience in action films should be a must.


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