Top 10: Movie Series to Watch on Movie Day

So summer is coming up and I know that something that a lot of people plan to do is have movie days with their friends and/or family. I’ve put together this list to give you a nudge in the direction of what I think are the best series you can watch on movie day. The only parameter to make it onto this list is that the whole series must logically be able to be watched in one day. I’ve included my opinion of the Standout movie of the series and also the total runtime, so you can plan your movie day accordingly.

#10 Blade:

This may come as a shock to you, but the Blade trilogy does have everything you want on a lazy day; hammy acting from all involved, simple storylines and action all the way through. It’s just entertainment through and through, no complexity, just easy mindless viewing.

Standout of the Series: Blade: Trinity

Total runtime: 358 mins. (6 hours)

#9 Toy Story:

With the trilogy being completed in 2010, Toy Story is a fun, easy and bright way to spend a day. It’s perfect for if you are on a budget and want to have a cheap, relaxing day with your children (you can pick all 3 up in Tesco or on Amazon for £12 ($20)) With a short(ish) runtime, you also don’t need to commit your whole day to the cause. Please note – You will cry at the end.

Standout of the Series: Toy Story

Total runtime: 276 mins. (4.5 hours)


#8 Mission: Impossible:

Tom Cruise’s action packed franchise makes perfect viewing for movie day. With cool special effects, awesome stunts (Tom does his own) and out and out action. There have been confirmations that a 5th movie is in the works, lets hope so because the Mission: Impossible series just gets better and better.

Standout of the Series: Mission: Impossible III

Total runtime: 490 mins. (8 hours)

#7 Indiana Jones:

I would have put this franchise higher in the list had they decided at the last minute to pull the plug on the farce that is The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Indiana Jones’s adventures are fun for everyone, with dry humour and good independent storylines; an Indiana Jones day is a must.

Standout of the Series: Raiders of The Lost Ark

Total runtime:  481 mins. (8 hours)


#6 Iron Man:

If you’ve read my other articles, you know why I rank this so highly. Iron Man is one of the best modern comic book series there is and with Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark battling a host of villains throughout the three films; this makes for a full day of action and humour.

Standout of the Series: Iron Man 3

Total runtime: 381 mins. (6.35)

#5 The Jason Bourne Trilogy:

Jason Bourne is the U.S.A.’s reply to James Bond. I’m not going to lie, in my eyes, the series is more consistent than Bond’s (Die Another Day) though being English, 007 will always hold a special place in my heart. Awesome fight scenes, car chases and a solid storyline (with solid acting to boot) the Bourne series rightly deserves a place on this list. Note: I’m not counting Bourne: Legacy with this one

Standout of the Series: The Bourne Ultimatum

Total runtime: 342 mins (5.7 hours)

#4 Star Wars (Original Trilogy)

I hold this film series in such high regards. Every time I’m jetlagged from a holiday, I get some snacks and drinks, lie on my sofa and just watch Star Wars, the original three, back to back. There’s no better way to beat jetlag. It’s a classic series and in my eyes it’s almost perfect. The classic soundtrack, the (then state of the art) “special effects” just make this series an easy and entertaining watch. Likeable characters like Han Solo, Chewbacca and even Darth Vader will always make your movie days more enjoyable as you find yourself quoting them for days after, “Laugh it up fuzzball!”

Standout of the Series: The Empire Strikes Back

Total runtime: 382 mins (6.5 hours)

#3 The Dark Knight Trilogy

Remember how I said that Iron man was “one of the best modern comic book series there is”? Well here is THE best… Nolan created a new angle for comic book movies with this series; a darker, more serious insight, focusing on the character of Batman more than anything, and emphasizing his humanity. These are slightly different to the other series as it has you on the edge of your seat the whole time. Immerse yourself in the seedy world of Gotham for a day. It’s worth it.

Standout of the Series: The Dark Knight  

Total runtime: 458 mins (7.5 hours)


#2 The Godfather

I’ve ranked this so highly because of the memories I have attached with this series. The Godfather Part 1 was the first 18 rated film my parents ever let me watch (not the first I ever saw, mind) and I have memories of me, my dad and my brother sitting down for the whole 9 hours and being mesmerized by the world of the Corleone family for the whole time (if we were feeling up to it, we would sometimes follow this with “Once Upon a Time in America” which is just over 4 hours long).  If this film series can have such an effect on someone at age 10/11, it has to be up there with the best. In my mind, there are no other series in this list that can possibly replace this one as far as personal importance is in question. Aside from personal experience, a combined total of 28 Oscar nods can’t be a bad thing right?

Standout of the Series: The Godfather Part II

Total runtime: 545 mins (9 hours)


#1 Lord of The Rings (Extended Edition)

I would recommend you plan this particular movie day advance, because this one takes some commitment, but it is so worth it. Lose yourself in Middle Earth for just over 12 hours, following the Fellowship on their journey to destroy the One Ring. Beautiful cinematography, good acting, amazing battle scenes and it says a lot about a film series when it can easily keep you occupied for 12 hours and leave you wanting more. Make sure you try to get the extended edition for the 12 hour version, but if you want to take it easy, the 9-hour version is still incredible. Not to mention there’s a pretty good drinking game to go with this series (I’ll post the rules in a separate post).

Standout of the Series: The Return of The King

Total runtime: 558 mins (9.5 hours) 726 mins. (12 hours)


Notable Mentions: Harry Potter (Too long, almost 20 hours!), The Red Riding Trilogy, The Chronicles of Narnia, Twilight (Just kidding)

What are your best tips for a movie day? Let us know in the comments below



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