Review: Walk of Shame

Walk of Shame is Elizabeth Banks’ latest outing where she plays reporter Meghan Miles who, after having a one night stand, finds herself in the middle of L.A. without a phone, wallet or car. She has an interview for her dream job that day and so the film follows her calamitous journey (and run from the police) back to the newsroom.


This is categorized as a comedy film, so that means by definition that it should be funny, which it is not. It’s a shame because leading lady Elizabeth Banks has played some extremely funny roles in movies/T.V. shows before (The 40-Year Old Virgin, Modern Family) and I felt that the unfunny script of the film just let all of her experience as a humorous actress just go to waste. Also the writing and directing credits are attributed to Steven Brill who has also directed/written both very funny (Without A Paddle) and just generally good movies (The Mighty Ducks series) and with his most recent production before Walk of Shame being the bizarre (and absolutely terrible) Movie 43, let’s just say that these past two years haven’t been kind to his career. So far it has only recouped $55,000 of its $15 million budget, and let’s hope that this is enough to make Brill make some serious career decisions.

When you watch this film, it just feels like the storyline is trying too hard. It’s like it’s trying to swim in custard, it just becomes tired after a very short time. Way too many things happen for it to be funny or humorous and it just becomes predictable about 45 minutes in to a 95-minute movie, which is never a good sign.


Also, although i’m not one to nitpick production mistakes, but you can see that whilst she is talking to her mum “on the phone” you can clearly see that the phone is still on the homescreen… I’m only pointing this out because it’s just so obvious that it can act as a microcosm that the production of the whole movie in general seems extremely halfassed.

There was one redeeming feature of the movie though and that was the presence of the gangsters “Scrilla” (Larry Gillard, Jr.), “Pookie” (Alphoso McAuley) and “Hulk” (Da’Vone McDonald) who do add some comic relief for what turns out to be a surprisingly desperate cast.

To be honest, Elizabeth Banks, James Marsden and Gillian Jacobs did all they possibly could with a poor script, so it cannot be the fault of the actors in this case, I would lay the blame entirely with the director/writer Steven Brill who is capable of so much more than he has produced in this particular instance.


What did you think of Walk of Shame (2014)?


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