Batman Vs Superman: Batman’s Suit Revealed

Today Zack Snyder (Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman) has released the first ever, publicly available pictures of Ben Affleck in the new caped crusader get up and I have to say, it’s an interesting look.


In the picture, he is stood next to the new look Batmobile (the rear end of the infamous vehicle was revealed in a tweet yesterday).  The Batmobile itself does look like a slight throwback to Nolan’s ‘tumbler’ but it’s has a much more sleek, racecar look to it rather than looking like a tank. The Tumbler was one of the only things I personally did not like about The Dark Knight trilogy as I felt it didn’t have a traditional Batmobile look, but I suppose the originality should be lauded (also the way the Batbike came out of it was badass).


The suit looks like it’s made out of Kevlar (or some other fabric) rather than the more solid “armour type” look Nolan went for in The Dark Knight Trilogy, which enables Affleck to show off the muscles he’s been building for 2 hours a day since he was informed of his selection to appear as Bruce Wayne. Another 1 up it has over the Dark Knight costume is the shortening of the “ears” on the cowl, by the Dark Knight Rises, those things were HUGE! I can’t make out a utility belt, but surely there will be one on there.


The only criticism I have right now of the suit is the bat emblem on the chest area. It is too broad and chunky and I feel that it has been designed this way solely because of how the promo posters look (though I could be wrong and it might be the other way round)Image

As a big supporter of Henry Cavill’s Superman and Snyder’s choice to cast both Affleck and Jesse Eisenberg (as Lex Luthor) All I can say so far of Batman vs Superman is that it is shaping up nicely.


 What do you think of the new-look Batman? Do you prefer Nolans?


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