Superhero Movies They Just Have to Make (or Re-make): Aquaman


Aquaman is often seen as a laughing stock of Superheroes and this really kind of pisses me off. Hopefully in the next few paragraphs I can convince you that Aquaman is one of the best superheroes there is.

Let’s start with how he became Aquaman. His real name is Arthur Curry. When his mother (an atlantean) died, he was very young and so his father (an ocean explorer) took him on an excavation. On this excavation, Arthur’s father discovered the lost city of Atlantis. Once he got there, he sealed himself in one of the palaces and began to study and train the half Atlantean Arthur how to breathe underwater, how to communicate with fish etc. He honed all of his submarine skills to become Aquaman. That’s a movie in itself. Then with arch-nemeses such as the Black Manta and Ocean Master, there is enough material from story arcs to possibly even make a series.

Black Manta - Comic Wallpaper 01

His powers are awesome, he can breathe underwater indefinitely, withstand incredible amounts of pressure, command an army of Atlanteans, has telepathic powers, can control water to some degree and of course can talk to fish. Not to mention his superhuman strength and superfast swimming.

I just think that Aquaman is so underrated and if scripted correctly with the right director (no ‘Michael Bays’ please), this could turn into a superhero movie heavyweight. It has been hinted that Aquaman will make an appearance in 2015’s Batman Vs Superman, though many rumours have been quashed as far as that is concerned (at one point Game of Thrones’Jason Momoa was linked with the role), although with the Justice League movie (2018) coming up and if D.C. take the same route as Marvel did with The Avengers I don’t see why this movie isn’t a possibility.


Who should play him? With huge, strong people like Jason Momoa linked with the role, this was a tough one. I quite like the idea of moving away from heavy bulky superheroes and edging towards someone more like Michael Fassbender. His seriousness and stern face, combined with his obviously excellent acting talent would make Aquaman a hit.


What do you think? Should Aquaman be made into a movie or do you think it would flop?



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