Superhero Movies they Just Have To Make (or Re-make): Deadpool


I initially thought that people would be dying to see a Deadpool film, but really the general opinion on the websites I use (tickld etc.) is very split. Obviously people love the character, he’s a smartass, he has badass fighting skills, he’s funny, he’s cool, his costume is awesome, but people think that it will be difficult to do a Deadpool style film, what with his breaking of the fourth wall and wry humour. It’d also have to be R-Rated (or 15/18 in England) because of the necessary extremely violent attitude which so often is seen as a key characteristic of Wade Wilson himself which would cut out a lot of the possible huge fan base. I am one who would love a Deadpool film though, and I hope I can convince you otherwise.


It’s not just his cavalier attitude that large cults of people have started to adore, but he’s also supported by some pretty fantastic story-lines. His character development from his first appearance in 1991 is staggering. They could easily do an origins style movie about him. NOT like X-Men Origins: Wolverine (bloody awful movie) but his evolution from odd child, to mad mercenary to insane assassin.

Although an origins movie would be nice, I quite like the idea of a series of films for Deadpool, starting out with his backstory and his story working for Tolliver (the man who initially gives him his contracts after he has become Deadpool), the stories following Tolliver’s Will would make a good picture, his partnership with Cable, and throw in an Uncanny X-Force film just for good measure. The possibilities are endless. Though film companies would have to be very careful, we’ve seen that too much can be poison for superhero franchises (Spiderman 3, Fantastic 4, X-Men: The Last Stand) and the last thing that comic book fans would want is their beloved Deadpool ruined on the big screen.

If not a film completely dedicated to him, he should at least make a featured appearance in one of the Marvel franchise films. I mean, he has been a featured character in some of the Avengers, X-Men and X-Force story arcs, so why not?


Who should play him? Ryan Reynolds. Yes, Origins was terrible and yes they got it all wrong with Weapon X, but Reynolds as Wade Wilson absolutely took the crown for best performance in what was otherwise a rather drab film. He can carry the arrogance, the smart mouth attitude and the physique to make The Merc With a Mouth a comic movie legend.


Do you think Deadpool should be made into a movie? If not why not? Put your comments in the section below


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