Top 10 (Slasher) Movie Kills

Just to put the parameters for this list out there. To qualify for this list, the death in question must appear in a slasher film and must also have a unique, humorous or iconic aspect to it.

 #10 Friday 13th Part III (1982): Pop Goes the Weasel

Ok, I’m going to kick this list off with a more humorous kill.  A little bit of info about the film, when it was released, it was supposed to be in 3-D and to be honest, probably solely for this moment. Jason approaches this poor, unsuspecting guy from behind, grabs his head and squeezes. He squeezes hard enough for this guy’s eye to pop right out (in 3-D) into the crowd, much to the delights of the spectators. NB – This is the fakest use of prosthetics you’ll ever see.


#9 Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006): The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

I thought this film deserved more acclaim and exposure than it got. It’s the best documentary style film I have seen, with appearances from Robert Englund, Scott Wilson and Zelda Rubenstein. That’s one of the reasons I’ve put it on this list. This is a unique kill because it’s actually the slasher himself who gets “killed” by his “virgin girl” (watch the movie, you’ll understand) by crushing his head with an apple grinder. SPOILER: He’s not actually dead!

#8 – Halloween (1978): Ghostbuster

I never liked the Halloween films to be honest, but one has to respect that it was the starting point of the 80s slasher film craze. I chose this one because it just seems like a funny and strange kill. The killer (Michael Myers) has dressed up in a sheet and sunglasses to look like a girl’s boyfriend dressed as a ghost. He then strangled her with a phone wire.


#7 – A Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors  (1987): Puppetmaster

Although I didn’t care much for the Nightmare series after the original (which was fantastic), this has to be the most creative kill on the list. Freddy manages to pull all of the veins out of mental patients arms and legs before using them to guide him (like a puppet’s strings) off the edge of a building. You have to ask who thinks of these things?

 #6 –A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984): To The Wall

This is an extremely iconic and famous kill, and that is why it makes an appearance so high in this list. This is the first time we were all terrified by Freddy Kreuger. A girl has a few people over to her house and one thing leads to another and she goes up to bed with a random lad. After she falls asleep, she enters Freddy’s domain where she is brutally slashed and dragged up the walls, though outside of the dreamworld, this is all happening without a perpetrator. Creepy.


 #5 – Friday 13th Part VIII: So You Wanna Be a Boxer?

People outside of Camp Crystal Lake don’t seem to understand how Jason works, well at least not Julius, this young whippersnapper from New York actually thought he could box Jason. This one is just funny to watch, he really tires himself out trying to punch Jason and after the “bout” (if you could call it that), Jason whips off his head with one clean sweep of his machete and the head flies straight into a bin. Lesson learned.

 #4 – A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984): The Fountain

The only film to make it on this list twice is the original Nightmare on Elm Street. This one makes it onto the list for exactly the same reason as #6; it is completely iconic. Killing Johnny Depp on his film debut by turning him into a geyser of blood? Classic. Who could ever forget that?

 #3 – Friday 13th Part II: The Wheelstairs

As much as it is quite terrible to admit, my friend and I watched this on repeat about 4 times whenever we had Friday 13th marathons. Mark is a guy in a wheelchair and Jason Voorhees slams a machete into his face. I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, how original…” here’s the kicker; Jason hits him hard enough for him to roll backwards down some stairs. Awful, but funny all the same.


#2 – American Psycho (2000): The Chainsaw Stairwell

This one is up near the top for 2 reasons. It is potentially the most flukey (or possibly well timed) kill that appears here and, come on, the originality is mind blowing. Not to mention the context of the whole thing, he was literally having sex with this girl 1 minute before this happened. I think this one is one of my favourite moments in slasher film history (if you could class American Psycho as an out and out slasher).


#1 – Psycho (1960): The Shower Scene

This is literally THE most iconic kill in any film, ever. The set up is perfect, big name actress (Janet Leigh), quite early in the film. Nobody suspects a thing. Until a shadowy character approaches her in the shower, pulls back the curtain and (cue Psycho music) the rest is movie history. Wow. Seriously nobody expected that. This movie is one of the reasons that Hitchcock will forever go down as the master of suspense.



If you’ve got a favourite, or I’ve missed out any that you think deserve a place on this list, be sure to put it in the comments below.


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